Arie Heartland-Eller

Arie Heartland-Eller [Born July 2, 1997] is a senior at Silverstone Academy and a central character in the Tengaged drama Meant to Live.

About MeEdit

Full Name

Aaron Isaac 'Arie' Heartland-Eller

Birth Date July 2, 1997 [17]
Birthplace Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hometown Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania
Sexuality Doesn't Define
Portrayer KOKidd
Related To End of the Road- Matt

Character ProfileEdit

Arie is one of those people that you know that you shouldn't trust, because he's not always the right kind of person to deal with. A party-hard guy who is friends with everyone, he usually knows exactly what to do and where to get the best alcohol and weed. He's not obnoxious about being at the top of the food chain, and usually just lets it slide and takes it in pride that he's made it to the top so easily. But when his heart is set on something, he will get what he wants come hell or high water. When one of those things is his bro Ty's ex, Rebecca, will it set forth an emotional roller-coaster no one saw coming?