Devon Matthews

Devon Matthews [Born November 5, 1998] is a sophomore at Silverstone Academy and one of the characters on the Tengaged drama Meant to Live

About MeEdit

Full Name Devon Alexander Matthews
Birthdate November 5, 1998 [16]
Birthplace Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Hometown Shaler, Pennsylvania
Portrayer Likeaboss

Character ProfileEdit

For Devon, life has never been easy. His parents weren't the best-off or even knew how they were treating him. At the age of three, he ended up in the state's CYS program. It was hard for him, especially considering he just got started on bonding with his parents. Never exactly fitting into any of the houses that he was put in, he tried so hard to get out of them, until one day his godfather decided to take him in, moving him to the other side of the state. It lasted for about a year before Devon decided one and for all to move on his own. Being an emancipated minor is hard for anyone, but with his emotional baggage, will Devon be able to make it through his dilemma alive?