Tyson Corrigan-Larter [Born June 17, 1997] is a senior at Silverstone Academy and one of the central characters of the Tengaged drama Meant to Live.

Everything is like a white-out.

About MeEdit

Full Name Tyson Devon 'Ty' Corrigan-Larter
Birthdate June 17, 1997 [17]
Birth Place Devon, England
Hometown Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania
Sexuality Biromantic Demisexual


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Tyson Corrigan-Larter

Character ProfileEdit

Tyson's life has been far from average. Being born across the pond, in Devon, and being one month early to be born, made his early years a challenge. When he was seven, his parents divorced, and his young father took him back to Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia, where he'd try to fit in. It was a few years later, when his dad got another position in the company, when Tyson would finally move to Fox Chapel, which he would find to be his home. The first person he met would become his best friend, confidante, and ex, Rebecca. There's so much that Tyson wants to do with his life, but with his recent health woes [which have included two bouts of pneumonia and a cancer scare], will he be able to push through it all and get to his dreams?